[Dev] How to share files with Cynara

Rafał Krypa r.krypa at samsung.com
Thu Apr 24 16:47:30 GMT 2014

On 2014-04-22 16:06, José Bollo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I submit you some use cases of file sharing between applications. Can
> you please explain how to handle it with Cynara.
> 1. An application downloads a PDF, how to watch it using pdfviewer?
> 2. How to join an image, a playlist, to an email?
> 3. How to import a drawing from inkscape to libreoffice?
> 4. How to cut/copy and paste data from an application to an other? (for
> example from a mail to libre office).

I think it's a very good question. Details should be probably decided by applicationframework developers, but they will be restricted bysecurity mechanisms.
Because one of design decission was to have separate labels for applications and no rules between them, no straight forward data sharing will be possible for apps. So far the following mechanisms to allow that were considered:
- service: obviously data can be passed from an app to another app through a dedicated service process
- shared directory: as Casey mentioned in another e-mail, a transmutable, writable directory may be used for applications toexchange data in an unrestricted manner
- direct socket connection set up by passing file descriptors: as I wrote in another thread, it can be created without violating Smack policy. Applicationscan then use such UDS connection to send files, possibly with zero-copy (e.g. sendfile(), splice()).

IMHO these mechanismsseem to be enough for a good implementation of different sharing scenarions. But if they prove to be insufficient, we shall have a discussionon alternative proposals.

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