[Dev] [SDK/Emulator] Start testing emulator based on QEMU 2.0

SeokYeon Hwang syeon.hwang at samsung.com
Fri Apr 25 09:17:55 GMT 2014

Hi, all.


A emulator based on QEMU 2.0 is working now. It is in tizen_qemu_2.0 branch.

1.     Based on QEMU 2.0.

2.     Applied the arguments that are modified recently. (You need latest
emulator-manager to test.)

3.     Removed all "implicit function declaration" warnings.

4.     Compiler options appended : -Werror=implicit-function-declaration


These are known issues.

1.     Attach "SDCard" is not working.

2.     Enabled "Host keyboard" is not working.

They should be fixed ASAP.


I think it can be merged 5 May (same day new kernel applied), If there are
no critical issues.


Please tell me any opinion about this.




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