[Dev] Building platform image with Mesa or Virtual driver in Tizen 3.0

Damian Hobson-Garcia dhobsong at igel.co.jp
Fri Aug 1 08:00:43 GMT 2014

Hi Sangwon,

> my original intention was to have a more general topic on which is
better for
> the long run,
> opengl-es-virtual-drv? or Mesa?
> Any suggestions?

If you are thinking about replacing Mesa with opengl-es-virtual-drv I
think that there is also one more thing to consider. Currently Mesa
provides the implementation for wayland-egl and gbm which are used by

I know that there is a standalone version of gbm (libgbm) floating
around out there, but it doesn't seem to be maintained and is (already?)
not fully binary compatible with the Mesa version (it defines some extra

If you want to replace Mesa, do you know how you can provide gbm and

Thank you,

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