[Dev] New CAPI Proposal for ConnMan based WiFi P2P Solution

Tomasz Bursztyka tomasz.bursztyka at intel.com
Mon Aug 4 16:06:46 GMT 2014

Hi Łukasz,

> For the sake of accuracy let me refer to some sources[1][2] which clearly
> state that PIN method is mandatory and must be implemented.

 From the spec implementation point of view, it's indeed mandatory.
After all: PBC is exactly like PIN, but with zeroes in place of the pin.
There is not much point implementing one without the other.

Then for the device who uses WPS: it's up to it to decide what to 
exposes, and there
in ConnMan we have the will to expose only the simplest and best 
feature, thus PBC
only. However this is relevant only when ConnMan will be able to start a 
standalone group
(for P2P peer services which requires it), so on incoming connection to 
it. For any other
outgoing connection, ConnMan follows and supports what the other device 
or the user wants,

> Besides there is (going to be?) yet another method: NFC tap-to-connect[3].

Yes there will, in continuity with ConnMan tap-to-connect to AP feature, 
we want to
provide it for P2P as well. It's an on-going work. We are already 
dealing with Neard
dev for it etc...

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