[Dev] How should I do to make it boot on the low-end machine with 64MB main memory?

Łukasz Stelmach l.stelmach at samsung.com
Tue Aug 5 10:53:10 GMT 2014

It was <2014-07-22 wto 03:18>, when Carsten Haitzler wrote:
> imho there needs to be a lot of leaning down of tizen - removing
> dameons or merging them to save memory.

Please, don't. Separate processes and MMU are there to help us deal with
imperfect code. If we were capable of developing a bug-free code we
could still be using MS-DOS or CP/M on 8086.

> trimming stuff down. this also has to happen at the ui level (eg for
> background apps their buffers should be removed or minimized - eg
> scaled down to 1/ 4 size or something, with back buffers and other
> spare buffers dumped).
> tizen is a bit bloated these days. :)

Compared to what? "Bloated" is a relative term. 

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Samsung R&D Institute Poland
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