[Dev] git tag -> OBS submit requests mapping

Jacek Bukarewicz j.bukarewicz at samsung.com
Mon Aug 11 13:42:42 GMT 2014

Thanks for the answer and yes - I'd rather not get into details of the 
release process more than required :).

I had a specific reason to ask this question actually. We noticed that 
platform/upstream/gmock package is not built for the IVI project  
despite gbs submit was run on 2014-07-16 (there was no gmock in the IVI 
build manifest [1] ). I couldn't find any information regarding this 
submit request for IVI in the tizen-submit list. I _believe_ that after 
running gbs submit we couldn't see gmock in the pending requests here 
Now I see that there is one revoked request for gmock which I must have 
missed before and this lead me to believe that IVI submit requests might 
require target option.

 From my point of view OBS submission workflow is very convenient. What 
confused me was lack of (or my unability to find) feedback regarding 
state of submit request on the tizen-submit list and/or on 
build.tizen.org website  (is it submitted at all, accepted or declined).
By the way - today there was another IVI submit request (now accepted) 
for gmock package and I'm pretty sure that this request wasn't visible 
when the "new or review" option was chosen on the build.tizen.org - such 
behaviour is definitely confusing to the submitter.


Best regards,

On 08/11/2014 01:39 PM, Bartosh, Eduard wrote:
> Hi Jacek,
> You’re absolutely right. Git tags are mapped to target obs projects 
> with git-obs-mapping.
> However, you as a developer should not care about that as far as I 
> know. In most cases it should be enough to follow this guide: 
> https://source.tizen.org/documentation/developer-guide/getting-started-guide/contributing-code-tizen#package-submission-and-review-on-the-build-system
> git-obs-mapping is configured by architects and release engineers to 
> make developer’s life easy. You just need to use gbs submit. In most 
> cases it should work.
> There is much more complexity in release process you might not want to 
> know about, but I’d be happy to give you more details if you want to 
> know them. Feel free to ask questions.
> Regards,
> Ed
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> Hi,
> I'm a bit confused about how git tags like submit/tizen/<date> are 
> mapped to OBS submissions.
> In the scm/git-obs-mapping.git package there is a file that seems to 
> contain such mapping:
> https://review.tizen.org/git/?p=scm/git-obs-mapping.git;a=blob;f=git-obs-mapping.xml;h=2ed41f871766cbea659ab50e8929e6e19826e817;hb=HEAD
> This XML suggests that submit/tizen/<date> tags should trigger 
> submissions to these projects:
> - Tizen:Mobile
> - Tizen:IVI
>       - Tizen:Generic
>       - Tizen:IVI:Panda
>       - Tizen:Common
> Since I cannot find any official documentation regarding this mapping 
> I'd like to ask for clarification if that's correct.
> We are mostly interested in Tizen:IVI and Tizen:Common projects. Is it 
> enough to run gbs submit -m '<message>' to trigger OBS submit request 
> to these or should target projects be explicitly specified (options -t 
> tizen_ivi or -t tizen_common should be added to gbs submit)?
> Best regards,
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