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> Hi Tizen developers!
> according to the wiki page
> https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Security:SmackThreeDomainModel, in Tizen 3.0
> there are processes running as root. In the AMD Multi-User wiki page it
> even says that the AMD daemon runs "as root as in single user mode".
> During the workshop in Vannes last week, I got the impression (or at
> least I wrote so in my notes) that no process in Tizen is allowed to run
> as root: at most, processes can be run as setuid root for a limited
> period of time.

Some system processes provide services that require privilege.
These are security enforcing components of the system. In order
to perform their roles these services must run with privilege.
Reducing the number of programs that require privilege and
the amount of privilege each requires is an ongoing effort.

> Are my notes from the workshop valid or is it actually true that some
> processes are run as root?

Yes Valentina, there is a root. There are processes that run as root.
They are important parts of the Tizen security enforcement.

> Thanks!
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> - Valentina Giusti
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