[Dev] New CAPI Proposal for ConnMan based WiFi P2P Solution

Zhang, Zhengguang zhengguang.zhang at intel.com
Tue Aug 12 01:49:06 GMT 2014

Dear Taesub:

@ Zhengguang,

Excuse me for not having answered your letter sooner.

Currently, we are working for Core API on tizen 2.3. I think we need to consider the open Core API for WiNet and comman based P2P.

So, I send you about the core API lists as below. Please find the attached file. Try to have the talk again at another time.

Open core API lists :

1. Connection CAPI

2. Wi-Fi CAPI

3. Wi-Fi direct CAPI

4. Tethering CAPI

Attached file name : Tizen CoreAPI Lists.xlsx

I noticed I didn’t receive your mail mentioned above, could you please send it to me again? Thanks in advance!

Besides, very glad to hear that you are working for Core API and will consider it for WiNet and ConnMan based P2P, and I have two questions about it, could you please help me to clarify it?

1.       Do you mean that some core API interfaces will be redesigned and updated to be more Compatible with WiNet and ConnMan WiFi P2P?

2.       I am considering whether the 4 CAPI packages above can be combined into one package whose name is “WiNet CAPI”, which seems much more centralized?


Zhang Zhengguang
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