[Dev] Disabled Mouse Cursor in Tizen 2.2

GyeongHwan Hong redcarrottt at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 04:51:03 GMT 2014


I am porting Tizen 2.2 on my ODROID-U3 board.
I built source of all the packages in Tizen 2.2, made a image by MIC and
flashed on the device.
As almost porting, I can see GUI of Tizen such as lock screen, launchpad
and some basic apps.

When I plug a mouse to USB port of the board, however, any mouse cursor is
not shown on the screen, but I can click some button an app icon or make a
drag on the lock screen.

I checked that Xinput identified my mouse by xinput command.
I also set Xcursor themes on /usr/share/icons/ and configuration file on

I am guessing the reason is that Xorg or Enlightment is modified to
interrupt behavior about mouse cursor, for touch screen devices.
I heard that there was a patch on xorg in Tizen 2.1 as below URL. (In Tizen
2.2, this patch is integrated into
This patch seems to disable a behavior drawing SW cursor.


I removed it off and put a rebuilt xorg-server package into the device,
but mouse cursor still does not appear.

How can mouse cursor be shown?
Is there other code disabling mouse cursor?

Gyeonghwan Hong.

Gyeonghwan Hong (RedCarrottt)
Embedded Software Lab.
Sungkyunkwan University
RedCarrottt at gmail.com
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