[Dev] some issues in the process of TCT Bluetooth testing

Zheng, Wu wu.zheng at intel.com
Tue Aug 12 07:24:52 GMT 2014

Hi Corentin,

Do you come back for Bluetooth tasks today? Welcome back.

We still are testing Bluetooth TCT testing.

We are using https://review.tizen.org/git/?p=platform/framework/web/tizen-extensions-crosswalk.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/sandbox/clecouve/tizen to test.

Some issues are related with tizen-extensions-crosswalk and please check them.

1. BluetoothManager_deviceMajor_attribute
2. BluetoothManager_deviceMinor_attribute
3. BluetoothManager_deviceService_attribute

Bluetooth CAPIs are not used in the three test cases. Therefore, please check the related source code of tizen-extensions-crosswalk.

4.in the case of BluetoothClass.

It failed in 104 and 105 line:

101:devService = device.deviceClass.services[0];
102:device.deviceClass.services[0] = null;
103:device.deviceClass.services = [];

104:assert_type(device.deviceClass.services[0], "unsigned short", "device.deviceClass.services[0] is type number.");
105:assert_true(devService === device.deviceClass.services[0], "device.deviceClass.services[0] readonly");

104 line : It means that device.deviceClass.services[0] is not "unsigned short" and in fact,  the type of device.deviceClass.services[0] is object.
105 line: It means that device.deviceClass.services[0] should be readonly and 102 and 103 line can't modify the value of device.deviceClass.services[0].

However, it can be modified.

Can you check the related source codes of tizen-extensions-crosswal and fix them?


Best Regards
Zheng Wu

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