[Dev] HW key event grabbing on Tizen Wayland

Wang, Yan yan.wang at intel.com
Tue Aug 12 08:08:27 GMT 2014

Hi, All,
  Today I checked HW key event grabbing on Tizen. In Tizen X (mobile), libslp-utilx package could do this. (E.g. KEY_MENU/POWER/VOLUME_UP/VOLLUME_DOWN/CAMERA...) But how about in Wayland?
  In Wayland/Weston upstream, I think libinput could do it because I could see KEY_VOLUME_UP/DOWN, KEY_POWER, KEY_BACK, KEY_MENU, ... in it. Is it right?
  libinput hasn't been migrated to Tizen Wayland Common/IVI repos so far. Will it be available on Tizen in the future?

Yan Wang

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