[Dev] Building platform image with Mesa or Virtual driver in Tizen 3.0

Damian Hobson-Garcia dhobsong at igel.co.jp
Thu Aug 14 05:43:32 GMT 2014

Hi Songwan,

> One option (temporarily implemented within our team) would be to make GBM and 
> Wayland-EGL
> packages out of Mesa3D and port the GBM backend.

Yes, we've done something similar ourselves.

> We could have the GPU vendors to do the ported backend and we could maintain
> the non-H/W dependent portion of those two packages.

There was a discussion on the Mesa-dev mailing list about the
possibility of some kind of split of gbm from Mesa, leaving behind the
dri backend, which is the only Mesa dependent part.


It seems like the discussion stopped at that point, but there may be
some room there to propose some kind of separation going forward instead
of maintaining an extra copy of the same thing.


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