[Dev] Progress update on Tizen Yocto

Kévin THIERRY kevin.thierry at open.eurogiciel.org
Mon Aug 18 07:20:45 GMT 2014

Hi everybody,

Here is a summary of the recent progresses we made on Tizen Yocto:

1) tizen-extensions-crosswalk has been added to the 
tizen-common-core-image-crosswalk image so it is now possible to launch 
web apps as native apps.
Here is how to launch a web app if you want to try it out:
     a) Open a Weston terminal from a tz-launcher
     b) Install an app:
         xwalkctl -i /usr/share/widget_demo/<file>.wgt
     c) Get the app ID:
     d) Launch the app:
         xwalk-launcher <app_id>
Note that there is no need to be root, every step is done as a user.

2) Regarding the IVI image: all IVI Yocto recipes have been generated 
and added to the meta-tizen project. Please note that the Tizen IVI 
Yocto image doesn't build yet, we still need to correct the build issues 
in the IVI packages and maybe (let's hope not) runtime issues.

3) Xavier began to work on an ARM build (qemuarm). This will help us to 
clean remaining hard-coded values regarding architectures. He 
successfully built all the packages but still has issues during the 
rootfs creation (packages installation).

If you want to build a Tizen Yocto image, please follow the instructions 
on the wiki: https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Build_Tizen_with_Yocto
If something isn't clear or is missing, please contact us and we will 
make the necessary changes.
It is better to build against the tag "rev_0.1" than against the latest 
revision since it doesn't have build issue (that we know of) and the 
current revision has several "first build" issues: 

Best regards,

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