[Dev] HW key event grabbing on Tizen Wayland

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Hi, Sung-Jin,
      Currently do you have a plan for the new protocol for Wayland clients?

Yan Wang

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Hi, Wang, Yan,

libinput is a library to handle input devices and it'll be used for a display server like Xserver and wayland compositors.

Wayland clients will get input events through GUI toolkits from wayland compositors.

Regarding utilx library, the key definitions in it had been made for mobile profile on X based window system.

This kind of key definitions won't be made in wayland because the key list will be different from H/Ws and

the list of keys must not be hard-coded. :)

We're going to propose a new protocol for wayland clients

to make a request for H/W key event and to get the key event from wayland compositor.

Thanks and regards,
Sung-Jin Park

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Title  : [Dev] HW key event grabbing on Tizen Wayland

Hi, All,
  Today I checked HW key event grabbing on Tizen. In Tizen X (mobile), libslp-utilx package could do this. (E.g. KEY_MENU/POWER/VOLUME_UP/VOLLUME_DOWN/CAMERA...) But how about in Wayland?
  In Wayland/Weston upstream, I think libinput could do it because I could see KEY_VOLUME_UP/DOWN, KEY_POWER, KEY_BACK, KEY_MENU, ... in it. Is it right?
  libinput hasn't been migrated to Tizen Wayland Common/IVI repos so far. Will it be available on Tizen in the future?

Yan Wang
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