[Dev] can we please merge xlib/util pkgs?

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) tizen at rasterman.com
Thu Aug 21 09:01:25 GMT 2014

On Thu, 21 Aug 2014 02:00:05 +0200 Stéphane Desneux
<stephane.desneux at open.eurogiciel.org> said:

> +2
> Oops... That was a spurious review :)
> More seriously, I agree with you. For big ops like bumping the whole X11
> stuff and adding ~100 new packages in Tizen:Common, a review for each package
> is not necessary as multiple maintainers and REs are already working on the
> topic together.
> So bypassing Gerrit when hundreds or reviews are needed gives less noise, for 
> sure. And grouping packages together as one, would certainly help too.
> But on the counterpart, things that Gerrit does (communication between 
> developers) wouldn't be done if maintainers push --force on their git trees.
> => so we should get some compromise: when such a big operation is started,
> the steps should be announced here (dev mailing list), some consensus should
> arise (say it's a +2 :)) and the progress on the tasks should be regularly
> updated. This way, most reviews related to the topic could be avoided, but
> people would still know what's going on.

that was why i thought that maybe merging where commonly N packages are all
upgraded/dealth with as a group, into a single gerrit repo, so we still get
notifications but just a few of them instead of 100's. we sitll have visibility
and ability to even approve/deny (if its just an upgrade i'd likely just approve
anyway), and we have lower noise.

> For the X11 integration in T:Common, Boram Park did communicate here and I
> felt this sufficient for everybody to know what was going on (and yes,
> reviews in gerrit were mostly useless even if this follows the official
> workflow).

yeah. it was really just unneeded noise that is a result of our use of
gerrit in the way we do. :)

> BR
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> Stéphane Desneux
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> Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> > in the last week i have gotten 280 mails from gerrit about review
> > requests/merges/whatever in every single x library and util. you get
> > multiple mails per package.
> >
> > it's really silly. they are all upgrades together... why not just package
> > them together. simplify things. just have an "x libs" pkg with all x
> > library and relevant util repos pulled in as sub repos. it makes so much
> > more sense. :)
> >
> > i know the upstream has them split. this is something we can't do anything
> > about.
> >
> > i also get one for mobile, one for ivi:panda too. the exact same  patch set,
> > review request etc.
> >
> > basically this should really be a single review of a single "upgrade x11
> > stuff" for example. if we have to review instead 280  submissiongs instead
> > of maybe just 4 (which is about the number of versions of the submission i
> > saw)... that's going to lead to:
> >
> > 1. not bothering to even review/approve. too much noise and going through
> > gerrit 100's of times as opposed to 4 is going to have me prioritise such
> > things at the very end of my todo list, after the "flossing the cat" item.
> >
> > or
> >
> > 2. poor and "quick and dirty" reviews that actually dont review antyhing and
> > just rubber-stamp things. if we are just rubber-stamping, then whu bother
> > with gerrit? just allow commit access and save the work and lag. if there
> > is a mistake someone can revert it from git.
> >
> > so i am thinking we should rationalize our packaging and/or use of gerrit.
> > where it stands now is not in a good state.
> >
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