[Dev] What is the URL to the Tizen 3 repository for GBS?

Hee-cheol, Yang heecheol.yang at outlook.com
Fri Aug 22 01:46:07 GMT 2014

Oh, I got a mistake. but first of all, thanks for your advice.

I already tested the url, however, that was for IVI version, which is not
for ARM architecture.

Is there no repos for ARM Tizen 3?




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You might refer to





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Hello, I'm building several versions of Tizen to identify which version is
applicable to me and my board on which I'm porting.

As I know, I can use "gbs crateimage" or "mic" to create a Tizen image, and
especially, gbs requires to specify the url of the Tizen repository in
gbs.conf file.

However, as you can see in http://download.tizen.org/releases/, there is no
directory for Tizen3 version, so I couldn't create the image.

Where is the url for Tizen 3 or how can I know information about it?

Is there anyone who can share your experience and know-how about this





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