[Dev] Issues on converting from vconf to buxton

Semun Lee sm79.lee at samsung.com
Fri Aug 22 10:16:15 GMT 2014

Thanks for guide about buxton.


However, I worry about that developers should register the fd of buxton to the main loop of a program.

Most programs in Tizen use g_main_loop as its main loop, so, it may be very useful if there is a simple api for registering buxton fd to the g_main_loop.


What do you think about it?


Best regards,



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What is Buxton and how can I use it? 


Should it replace our use of vconf?


I have uploaded "A Brief Guide to Buxton" to the public Tizen wiki, which 

should answer these questions, and more.




Note there is also a Wiki page for Buxton, which provides a high-level overview of Buxton.




We'll be providing a sample conversion of the FLIGHT_MODE vconf key, as used in a Tizen 2.2 RD PQ image.

Though I would have loved to provide these sample conversions in a 3.0 environment, the only 3.0 Tizen image

I have access to is IVI, which does not use vconf. Thus, not a particularly good demonstration project ;)


Please use the resources provided, and let me know if there are questions.


Best regards,

Brad Peters
Intel Tizen Mobile Development Lead

   and AppFW Architect


On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 10:37 AM, Peters, Brad T <brad.t.peters at intel.com> wrote:

Hi Semun,


This is a valid point and a good idea. We're currently working to put together several demonstration projects which have been fully converted.  A guide like you suggest would go well with these. I'll start putting such a document together, and have something out towards end of week.


Best regards,

-Brad Peters




On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 3:11 AM, Semun Lee <sm79.lee at samsung.com> wrote:

Hi folks,


There are hundreds jira issues about converting from vconf to buxton.

Is there any guide in detail for this issue?

I think we need a guide to convert from vconf to buxton coherently.


Best regards,


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