[Dev] wpa-supplicant 2.2 upgration on tizen.org

Philippe Coval philippe.coval at eurogiciel.fr
Fri Aug 22 11:51:07 GMT 2014

On 22/08/2014 13:19, PRADEEPKUMAR BELLARY wrote:
> Samsung Enterprise Portal mySingle
> Hi  Mr. Zhengguang Zhang,

1st note, I am not part of connectivity team at all,
and I dont know the plans , but I think I can help on the integration task

> Latest *wpa-supplicant 2.2*  upstream version has added a support for 
> hotspot2.0.
I am excited to test this , I guess wifi direct has been enhanced too 
right ?

> tizen.org branch currently supports only wpa-supplicant 2.0 version.

Since I have maintained wpa-s in other project
I've rebased it on upstream 2.1 in hope maintainer will rebase on it :


> could you please share your opinion on upgrading the wpa-supplicant 
> 2.2 in tizen.org.
I think it's always good to track upstream release into Tizen:Common

> Is there any plans for upgradation for the wpa-supplicant 2.2 in 
> tizen.org already ?
none I know , but I invite you to check the bug tracker and request a 
version bump to latest
meanwhile I try to build once rebased on upstream's git tag hostap_2_2 ..
If its building fine I'll share it to sandbox/pcoval/latest

Hope this help

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