[Dev] wpa-supplicant 2.2 upgration on tizen.org

Zhang, Zhengguang zhengguang.zhang at intel.com
Mon Aug 25 06:12:51 GMT 2014

Hi, Pradeep
We are evaluating the upgrade of wpa_supplicant on tizen, it is not only for hotspot 2.0, but also for WiFi P2P.
We preferred to upgrade wpa_supplicant when upstream 2.3 is released, for it can support WiFi P2P totally, but it seems we can't control it, so we will upgrade it recently if 2.3 will not be released. Any progress, I will announce it in the mail list.

Zhang Zhengguang

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Subject: wpa-supplicant 2.2 upgration on tizen.org

Hi  Mr. Zhengguang Zhang,

Latest wpa-supplicant 2.2  upstream version has added a support for hotspot2.0.

tizen.org branch currently supports only wpa-supplicant 2.0 version.

could you please share your opinion on upgrading the wpa-supplicant 2.2 in tizen.org.

Is there any plans for upgradation for the wpa-supplicant 2.2 in tizen.org already ?

Thanks & Regards,

B.Pradeep Kumar

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