[Dev] [Cynara] Async admin API proposal

Zofia Abramowska z.abramowska at samsung.com
Mon Aug 25 10:44:35 GMT 2014


> I think that cynara_async_check not returning error code would make
> life harder for clients that actually need response in place of the
> call (that is the case for dbus-daemon I guess ?). What options do such
> clients have then? He'd have to pass the response via user data which
> also means:

Well... as you can see, in cynara_response_callback there's an argument
'int response' which as well can contain error code (and probably will in
some cases
even when cynara_async_check will return error codes).
Any constraining design on user_data is not required.

Best regards,
Zofia Abramowska.

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