[Dev] [Mulituser] user creation/removal notification

Krzysztof Sasiak k.sasiak at samsung.com
Mon Aug 25 13:36:20 GMT 2014


   I'd like to propose a new feature for gumd - user added/removed 

After analysis of the architecture of the current service daemons 
running on Tizen, a conclusion has been reached that it would be 
beneficiary to have notifications whenever a user is added or removed. 
As gumd already uses dbus for communication between service and client, 
I propose to use it also for notification about the above mentioned 
events. Clients could register signal handlers and then a predefined 
callback function would be run.

Example usecases:
1. Buxton: Whenever a user is removed, all per user entries would also 
be removed
2. Cynara: User privilege entries are removed, as soon as user is removed

   Correct me if I'm wrong - I've already checked gumd for this feature, 
but didn't find anything.

   Please state Your opinion.
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Krzysztof Sasiak

Samsung R&D Institute Poland

Samsung Electronics

k.sasiak at samsung.com

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