[Dev] [media-workshop] [ANNOUNCE] Linux Kernel Media mini-summit on Oct, 16-17 in =?iso-8859-1?Q?D=FCsseldorf?=, Germany

Ralph Metzler rjkm at metzlerbros.de
Mon Aug 25 15:07:09 GMT 2014

Guennadi Liakhovetski writes:
 > I'll likely be able to attend too. ATM I'm working on camera support in 
 > Android. I think Hans discussed related topics at the previous summit in 
 > the US too, which I didn't manage to attend unfortunately. I'll try to 
 > double-check results of those discussions and see which topics I'd be 
 > interested in discussing further.

I'll also try to be there for the mini-summit.
So, if anybody wants to discuss APIs for DVB-T2/C2, CI, modulators,
DVB network streaming or anything else related to DVB drivers ...

 > On a related note, since I live something like 80km from the venue, I was 
 > thinking about possibly helping to organise a media event in my town - in 
 > Aachen, or in Düsseldorf itself or in neighbouring Cologne (Köln). Let me 
 > know if there's interest. We could use Saturday the 18th of October for 
 > that.

I also live just 50km from the venue. 


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