[Dev] [Gerrit-status] Total number of commits to review and merge: 710

Daniel Juyung Seo seojuyung2 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 16:31:20 GMT 2014

This is very interesting :)
We need to put more effort in gerrit and reviewing as well as contributions.


Daniel Juyung Seo (SeoZ)

On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 12:42 AM, Kévin THIERRY <
kevin.thierry at open.eurogiciel.org> wrote:

> Hi everyone !
> I created a new tool that generates charts based on Gerrit information.
> Now instead of sending huge, unreadable arrays of data, I will just send
> those charts.
> I currently generate 3 charts:
> 1) One to represent the number of reviews sent to gerrit and the number of
> merges per week (moving average based on 5 weeks, 6 months displayed) -
> average-reviews-per-week.png
> 2) One to represent the average time needed to review and merge a commit
> (moving average based on 5 weeks, 6 months displayed) - merge-time.png
> 3) One to represent the number of commits being reviewed (moving average
> based on 3 weeks, 8 height weeks displayed) - average-being-reviewed-per-
> week.png
> 1) and 2) can be generated at any time since they concern merged commits
> whereas 3) requires to fetch Gerrit data once a week (the current data set
> is based on the data sent in the previous "Gerrit-status" mails).
> The purpose of those charts is to monitor the health of the review process
> and, by a certain extent, the health of the Tizen project.
> Of course the data represented with those charts is more or less relevant.
> For example, the time needed to review and merge a commit goes from a few
> minutes to a few weeks so the average value may not reflect the real time
> most of the commits spent being reviewed. Also, regarding the number of
> commits being reviewed (chart 3) I sometimes fetched the data on Monday
> early morning instead of Friday afternoon so it may have an impact on the
> data. I will set a cron job to prevent that in the future.
> The tool I used (written in python) still contains hard coded values and
> is quite ugly right now so I will publish it on github once I've cleaned it
> up a bit.
> Here is a few improvements I plan on doing on the script when I'll have
> time:
> * display dates on the axis instead of weeks numbers (the last week number
> on the charts is the last finished week)
> * display days and hours in the y axis of chart 2 instead of just hours
> * allow generation of bar charts
> * integrate the bash script that generates data for chart 3 into the
> python script
> * ...
> If you have any suggestions/ideas/questions or if you find some errors,
> please contact me.
> You can still find the tool I use to get the number of commits being
> reviewed here: https://github.com/eurogiciel-oss/Tizen-development-report
> Kevin
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