[Dev] [Mulituser] user creation/removal notification

Zaman, Imran imran.zaman at intel.com
Tue Aug 26 11:41:02 GMT 2014


Jose is correct. DBus notifications for user add/remove already exists. More precisely, dbus notification is at this place:

Krzysztof! one question from you:
- We can add user/group add/remove notifications in library libgum which provides (GObject/C) interface to gumd dbus interface provided your components (Buxton, Cynara) can link to the library directly and makes your life easier. So would such solution can help you more or dbus notifications are enough?

Btw we have recently added support for adding scripts in gumd which will be run:
a- after a user is added
b- before a user is about to be deleted
c- after a group is added
d- before a group is about to be deleted.

So the (required) components can add their shell script under e.g. /etc/gumd/useradd.d/  and /etc/gumd/userdel.d/ folders and it will be run (in sorted order)
Here is the commit https://review.tizen.org/gerrit/gitweb?p=platform/upstream/gumd.git;a=commit;h=9406e2c5eade7e8798771b5ecf1164a005bd5315

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have more questions.

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Thank You for pointing this out.

On 25.08.2014 15:58, José Bollo wrote:

On lun, 2014-08-25 at 15:36 +0200, Krzysztof Sasiak wrote:


  I'd like to propose a new feature for gumd - user added/removed

This functionnalities are already upstream in GUMD: see
src/daemon/gumd-daemon.c function gumd_daemon_class_init.

After analysis of the architecture of the current service daemons
running on Tizen, a conclusion has been reached that it would be
beneficiary to have notifications whenever a user is added or removed.
As gumd already uses dbus for communication between service and
client, I propose to use it also for notification about the above
mentioned events. Clients could register signal handlers and then a
predefined callback function would be run.

Example usecases:
1. Buxton: Whenever a user is removed, all per user entries would also
be removed
2. Cynara: User privilege entries are removed, as soon as user is

  Correct me if I'm wrong - I've already checked gumd for this
feature, but didn't find anything.

  Please state Your opinion.


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