[Dev] SDB does not work on ODROID-U3

GyeongHwan Hong redcarrottt at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 14:49:02 GMT 2014

I am porting Tizen 2.2.1 on ODROID-U3 board, and this work is almost done.

I enabled 'USB debugging' in preferences app and plugged it to Host PC
through USB cable.

However, on the host PC(Ubuntu 13.10), 'sdb devices' command does not show
any devices at all.
Host PC cannot even recognize ODROID-U3 with Tizen as USB storage.

When I run Android(a version given by manufacturer) on the same device,
ODROID-U3 is successfully connected to host PC through adb or USB storage

I think that I forgot to port something required for SDB or USB storage

Tizen on ODROID-U3 is using Kernel 3.10, which is based on the Tizen source
code and built by myself.
I recognized some code related to USB-OTG support in
"arch/arm/mach-exynos/mach-smdk4x12.c"(ODROID-U3 uses Exynos 4412.) and
SDB-related code is also found in "drivers/usb/gadget/f_sdb.c".
I guess that this kernel have enough code to support SDB and USB stoage
However, I don't know about the full processes of them, so I cannot ensure

What components are required for SDB?
If I know the components, I could resolve this problem.
Please tell me about it.

Gyeonghwan Hong.

Gyeonghwan Hong (RedCarrottt)
Embedded Software Lab.
Sungkyunkwan University
RedCarrottt at gmail.com
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