[Dev] Solution to change hard coded user/group id w.r.t. Multi user Architecture-Regarding

Kévin THIERRY kevin.thierry at open.eurogiciel.org
Mon Feb 3 13:08:36 GMT 2014


To complete what Rajendra wrote and make a small correction:

> Hi,
> If we take an example like menu-example.spec,
> menu-example.spec:56:vconftool set -t int memory/idle-screen/is_idle_screen_launched "0" -i -u 5000 -f
> how do we replace the group id with 5000?
> please make the changes as follows.
> Steps to be performed for multi user architecture
> =================================================
> Please install libtzplatform-config and tizen-platform-config-tools rpms into device.
You don't need to explicitly install those packages, just add them as 
BuildRequires/Requires in the spec file.
> eval $(tzplatform-get TZ_SYS_USER_GROUP)
Another way to set the TZ_XXX_YYY variables is to source 
source /etc/tizen-platform.conf
> USER_GROUP_ID=$(getent group $TZ_SYS_USER_GROUP | cut -f 3 -d :)
> vconftool set -t int memory/idle-screen/is_idle_screen_launched "0" -i -u $USER_GROUP_ID -f
TZ_SYS_USER_GROUP gives you the users group name therefore you should 
use "-g" instead of "-u". Also, in a spec file, you can't use a user 
name or ID.
vconftool set -t int memory/idle-screen/is_idle_screen_launched "0" -i 
> tzplatform-get replaces TZ_SYS_USER_GROUP = app
> As per multi-user architecture, it is not single-user now, it is "users". Therefore it should be -u or -g but not both.
> The above solution is tested and valid.
> Please let me know if you need any further information.
> Thanks & Regards,
> Rajendra.

For more details about multi-user architecture: 


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