[Dev] State of Pending changes , how to enhance workflow ? ( Was Dear Maintainers )

Hanchett, Paul phanchet at jaguarlandrover.com
Mon Feb 3 16:24:18 GMT 2014

I'll ask forgiveness in advance if this is a stupid observation-- I've not
worked on many project like this:

On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 7:58 AM, Schaufler, Casey
<casey.schaufler at intel.com>wrote:

> Put the burden of getting a review on the developer.

Is that really what you want to do, if you're having a hard time finding
enough developers?  It's already a pretty arcane system (at least, to
me!)--maybe not to someone using it every day...

To me, a reviewer risks a bit of their reputation every time they +1 a
change; it's not clear to me what the benefit to them (the reviewer) might

Ultimately, the maintainer is one person whos interests align with getting
(good) changes checked in but probably more people than that are required.


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