[Dev] State of Pending changes , how to enhance workflow ? ( Was Dear Maintainers )

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I have to agree with Thiago. I don't care what tool is 
In use and I'm not particularly in love with gerrit, but 
I really don't think it is the tools fault. 

In my own experience we just have unclear maintainership 
In many packages and submission mails get thrown to huge 

I think the amount of submission mail spam should we fixable 
(I hope so), because now we have just added huge groups 
To packages. I guess it should be per request basis: if you are 
Interested in changes in particular package, you could subscribe.

If there are clear maintainer/maintainers in a package and you 
Are not getting your patch reviewed, ping the maintainer, send 
Email etc. be active. I think this is the only way in any upstream 
Project. If nothing happens, situation should be Escalated, and 
possibly maintainers changed. At least the Maintainers should 
be able to review the patch or delegate The review to someone 

If maintainer tags the release, the integrators role is take the 
New package to release and maybe act as final gate keeper. 
Not all maintainers are building full images, they are just testing 
the New packages on top of flashed images. Even if the maintainer 
is building images, there might be collisions between packages 
that is just impossible to detect before integration. 

There's also possibility that Tizen vertical management 
Makes a decision to freeze the code to achieve a certain 
Milestone etc. So even you get reviewed and merged, your 
Change doesn't hit the images at that very moment.

I think with couple of emails to Tizen dev you should be able 
to track down the maintainer or people working on the package. 
Or at least get the attention of Tizen architects or similar like 
Thiago and get your business forward.


P.S. I have probably replicated many people's thoughts, 
Sorry about that, I haven't thoroughly read through every 
Comment in this thread (you know it takes time, like reviewing). 

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Em seg 03 fev 2014, às 08:21:31, Schaufler, Casey escreveu:
> > Gerrit is the tool that people use to review. Asking people to 
> > review before submitting to the review tool sounds really awkward.
> If the tool in hand isn't suited to the job at hand it's time to put 
> that tool down and pick up a different one.

If that's what it takes, then we do it.

But I'm not convinced the tool is the problem. There are lots of projects out there using Gerrit efficiently, including Android (for which the tool was created). So maybe the problem is not the tool, just how we're using it, or possibly the workflow we've defined.

I personally think we have two problems with our use of Gerrit:

1) we add too many people automatically to the submissions. If we can't limit it to 3 people, we should add no one. Let the submitter find out who to add by doing git log or checking wiki pages.

2) restricting the submission to the maintainer or integrator causes a bottleneck. Well, we created the position of integrator so that it wouldn't bottleneck, so it seems we don't have enough integrators.

On the first case, it's simple: remove the script that we added that causes so many people to be Cc'ed. On the second, it's a matter of discipline: it's the maintainer job to ensure things get submitted. Conversely, things not getting submitted means the maintainer is not doing his/her job and we should investigate.

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