[Dev] QtCreator integration with Tizen

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Fri Feb 7 04:05:55 GMT 2014

Em qua 05 fev 2014, às 21:20:29, Tomasz Olszak escreveu:
> Conclusion:
> 1. The maintenance of development tools is a lot easier if we only use
> target binaries. For example In case of Qt we don't need to
> build host tools for different distros, architectures, Tizen profiles.

Hello Tomasz

That's great progress! Thanks for letting us know.

> A few questions arise:
> 1. Do you know about common way of building, deploying native(non web)
> applications in all Tizen profiles?

There's currently no such standard. The only official native API is OSP and, as 
you know, it's not currently active in the IVI profile. For that profile and 
others without OSP, native code should be compiled as part of the platform. I 
doubt anyone is currently thinking about deployment via a store.

> 2. Is it possible to add mount --bind feature to gbs chroot (like the
> one from [1])?

Submit a patch. I guess this is the simplest way.

> 3. What is the recommended way of building and deploying native
> applications for IVI?

As above: part of the platform. That is, GBS, OBS, creating RPMs, etc.

You could create RPM files in Creator that can be installed on the device using 
the necessary zypper or rpm commands.

> 4. Where is the Tizen SDK's signing process described? native-signing is
> the only tool from Tizen SDK used by QtCreator Tizen's plugin so it
> would be more convenient not to download and install whole SDK only
> for that.

I don't know.
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