[Dev] weekeyboard local build error issue

Adam Malinowski a.malinowsk2 at partner.samsung.com
Fri Feb 7 12:12:53 GMT 2014



You can get rid of this error by specifying -no-patch-export option  to gbs
build command.




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It looks like upstream/0.0.2 is a tag and not a branch.  I suspect this is
what's causing the issue. I guess the proper way of fixing this would be to
have a real branch called 'upstream' with a 0.0.2 tag. Or in the meantime,
you can probably mimick what was done in the sandbox/pcoval/tizen branch and
use a different tag in your local .gbs.conf file.




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Subject: [Dev] weekeyboard local build error issue


Hi there,

              In the latest code for
weekeyboard(platoform/upstream/weekeyboard), there is a
sandbox/pcoval/upstream, it causes weekeyboard not local-buildable with this
error in tizen branch:

              error: Invalid upstream treeish upstream/0.0.2

error: Generating upstream tarball and/or generating patches failed. GBS
tried this as you have upstream branch in you git tree. Fix the problem by

  1. Update your upstream branch and/or fix the spec file. Also, check the
upstream tag format.

  2. Remove or rename the upstream branch (change the package to native)

ackage for more details.

error: <gbs>Failed to export packaging files from git tree

error: no spec files to build.


              Why would this "sandbox/pcoval/upstream" branch influence the
local build for weekeyboard? 

What's the decent fix for this issue? Deleting this sandbox branch may work,
is there any better way to keep the branch and still get things fixed?


Best Regards,


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