[Dev] QtCreator integration with Tizen

Tomasz Olszak olszak.tomasz at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 07:38:05 GMT 2014

> Hi Tomaz.
> I just read your message regarding using qtcreator for creating native
> applications for tizen .
> I work with tizen platform modules, and just started using QtCreator for
> my projects. I was trying to find a way to use QtCreator for my tizen
> projects, and I found the plugin for QtCreator 2.8 . It seems you are
> porting it to work with v 3.0 (the version Im using).
Indeed, I plan to release it this week along with next alpha version
of Qt for Tizen.
> I'm working with tizen for about a year, but i'm new to qtcreator.
> Is your current work available publicly? (github, or something like that) ?


But I strongly suggest to wait until the release. I have some local
changes, not yet pushed to gitorious, and currently 3.0 branch builds
only with qtcreator master which probably be the future 3.1.

> Let me know if I can help with something.
I will let you know before the release so you can help with testing.
After that I have some gbs patch to review (mount --bind feature)
which i needed to more conveniently handle the gbs by QtCreator. I
know that qmake will work with this configuration, however a lot of
Tizen projects are cmake based so it would be wonderful to investigate
possibility of integrating cmake from gbs BUILD_ROOT with QtCreator.

Stay tuned,
Tomasz Olszak
Qt for Tizen | http://qt-project.org/wiki/Tizen

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