[Dev] Smack-enabled IVI emulator image

Chang, Ziv ziv.chang at intel.com
Wed Feb 12 08:44:25 GMT 2014


You are right. In emulator(Tizen IVI SDK 3.0 Alpha), smack feature disable
by adding ³security=none²(kernel args) due to smack is not ready.


On 2/12/14, 4:18 PM, "Jacek Bukarewicz" <j.bukarewicz at samsung.com> wrote:

>I tried emulator image that ships with Tizen IVI SDK 3.0 Alpha to see
>how smack works in the IVI image. It looks like it's disabled -
>security=none option is passed to kernel command line. Is there any
>recent IVI image that has smack enabled? Or maybe there is an easy way
>to modify kernel command line parameters in the emulator image that is
>part of Tizen IVI SDK (file command says it's QEMU QCOW Image (v2)). I'm
>afraid that smack was disabled for a reason and simply enabling it would
>not be sufficient.
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