[Dev] Query regarding Alternative way to change the group ownership -Regarding

RAJENDRA NAIK VADTHE vadthe.naik at samsung.com
Wed Feb 19 15:24:18 GMT 2014

I have a query regarding the group ownership.
Example 1
package/example.call.spec:chown -R 5000:5000 /usr/apps/%{name}/data
As we are going to get the user id only at run time but not going to get the user id anymore during compile time, we are using 
chgrp as in solution 1.Is solution 2 also feasible?
Solution 1:
chgrp -R  %{TZ_SYS_USER_GROUP}  /usr/apps/%{name}/data

Solution 2:
As chown can also be used to change the group as well,can we use like
chown -R  :%{TZ_SYS_USER_GROUP} /usr/apps/%{name}/data

Could you please confirm whether we should never use chown at all?

Thanks & Regards,

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