[Dev] Update of security framework repositories

Tomasz Swierczek t.swierczek at samsung.com
Tue Feb 25 07:31:15 GMT 2014

> The changes proposed are in complete conflict with the Smack three domain
model. The code needs to be brought into compliance with the Smack three
domain model.
> I am not objecting to the *method* of integration, I am objecting to the
code. There needs to be a general rework of the code to conform with the
three domain model.

This is why we put it here to rework and continue work from place where we
left it, I think this is what we discussed with Michael and you in
September. Fact is that mobile profile is not working properly and we'd like
to fix it. Maybe merge directly to tizen branch is not the best idea, maybe
a temporary place for work - but public so that you can have a look - is a
better idea.

We're not opposing to 3-domain model, to be clear - the fact that the code
*allows* to break it, doesn't mean it does. Manifests also can contain
labels like "foo". If you look carefully, any configuration (mapping to
smack rules) is kept in separate repository that was *not* updated (we've
moved any real smack configuration to smack-prifilege-config repo). No one
said all privileges we used to have will not map to one label (not AMB, but
MobileMB for example). Especially with a PolKit/gsso/?? solution controlling
access to APIs (which doesn't seem to be there, ready, on IVI).

Security server socket labels are labeled "*", and should probably belong to
System domain - right now this would (probably) break some code. Apart from
that, we have re-worked this module to use systemd, work faster - and lot of
the ugly code has disappeared. 

Libsmack - I understand that fast loading of rules may not be needed
anymore. Systemd is indeed a good place to load rules. But why nuke

I believe this is the beginning of discussion that we'd like to participate
in and just make the code better. This is not act of trying to force our
point of view. No one pushed code directly to the repo.

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