[Dev] How to Build tizen image on x86?

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> It was <2014-02-25 wto 13:29>, when Suresh Kanzariya wrote:
> > On 2/25/14, Łukasz Stelmach <l.stelmach at samsung.com> wrote:
> >> It was <2014-02-25 wto 08:58>, when Suresh Kanzariya wrote:
> >>> Hello All,
> >>>
> >>> I have successfully installed necessary packages require to build
> >>> the packages, and I build zlib using 'gbs build -A i586'  Now I want
> >>> to know, to build the tizen image, 1. do I need to clone all the
> >>> repo (i.e. AppProject.git)?
> >>
> >> No.
> >>
> > Ok, So All Packages that are available on gettir is individual
> > packages, one can clone the package and play with it. But he don't
> > need to clone all the repo, Right? Please correct me If I am wrong.
> Yes. Git repos are used to build RPMS available at [1] and [2].  mic's ks files
> specify repositories to get RPMS from. You can add a local one with your RPMS.
[Qiang] Right. 

GBS is used to build packages you want to re-built. For example, you can build ~20
Packages, which you are interested in. The output of gbs is binary local RPM, by default
it located at ~/GBS-ROOT/local/repos/{profile}/{arch}/ which can be added to ks filed used
by mic.

The official ks file can be downloaded directly, for example:
IVI: http://download.tizen.org/releases/daily/tizen/ivi/ivi/latest/builddata/image-configs/
Mobile: http://download.tizen.org/releases/daily/tizen/mobile/latest/builddata/image-configs/

For published repository, we suggest to use released one instead of live repo and snapshot:
http://download.tizen.org/releases/daily/tizen/  for tizen 3.0
http://download.tizen.org/releases/2.2/ tizen 2.2.

I think you need several hours to read MIC document:
And How to use gbs and mic to create image from scratch:


> [1] https://download.tizen.org/snapshots/tizen/
> [2] https://download.tizen.org/live/
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