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Tanay Chowdhury tanay.c at samsung.com
Wed Feb 26 04:59:58 GMT 2014

Hi All,


With reference to bugs PTREL - 585 / 589.

I am making modifications for the pure wayland support in WRT and
wrt-installer component.

Please do help me with couple of clarifications:

1) What is the dependency of 'mesa' , 'wayland' and 'x'
As of now it seems like 'mesa' & 'x' requires "gl" package; 'wayland' does
not. How do we handle mesa (ON) in pure wayland.

2) I was able to get the build for wrt-installer working for pure
wayland with changes in the CMakeLists and spec file.
However , there is usage of the following ecore related function and macro.
./src/logic/installer_controller.cpp:55:    return ECORE_CALLBACK_CANCEL; //
Eina bool type
./src/logic/installer_controller.cpp:65:        ecore_idler_add(AddNextStep,

Do these need to be replaced with the corresponding wayland functions /
Currently in the wiki link
https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/X11_equivalent_Wayland_calls_and_notes there is
nothing mentioned for these.



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