[Dev] Multi User Architecture Bug - Help

Piotr Trojanowski p.trojanowsk at samsung.com
Thu Feb 27 09:37:31 GMT 2014


This component has source code but it is placed in hidden directories like:

As far as I know this generates configuration files using the src sources.
Then the files are installed on the device with the same directory structure
like in this git project.

I guess to fix this the spec file needs to be changed using some of the
macros you mentioned. Probably also directory structure in the git project
would have to be changed. 

I don't know much more but hope this will help a bit.

Piotr Trojanowski

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Subject: [Dev] Multi User Architecture Bug - Help

HI all, 
I am working on  PTREL-289 - /platform/core/uifw/e17-misc is not compliant
with multi user architecture. 
This component has some violations in the spec file. 
Part of the spec file: 
%ifarch %{arm}
# ARM build target
%__mkdir_p %{buildroot}/opt/home/app/.e/apps
%__cp -afr %{_arch}/opt/home/app/.e/apps/* %{buildroot}/opt/home/app/.e/apps
 If  /opt/home is replaced by $TZ_SYS_HOME  then it leads to
All the user specific has to be done at runtime in the source code. 
But this component does not have any source code. 
Please guide,  how to go about this ?
Sharath N 

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