[Dev] Possible Workflow issues caused by unsync availability of sources

Philippe Coval philippe.coval at open.eurogiciel.org
Thu Feb 27 14:57:40 GMT 2014


It seems that some sources are missing on tizen's git,

I mean that some packages are outdated
(some changes may exist somewhere but haven't been pushed )
while others updated packages are depending on
those unpublished codes and then remain unbuildable ...

The good thing is that they aren't submitted/accepted in repos
but are present in current git's HEAD.

For instance system-server is using some unavailable vconf keys
probably provided by some power package


At the same time I noticed that upstream's efl-1.8 add some tizen features
that are requiring some unavailable code (ie sysman news vconf keys also)


I can understand those codes are not released for good reasons,
but it would help to have access to them,
maybe in sandboxes in the first time (ie sandbox/$maintainer/devel) ?
to avoid working in opposite directions and in the end exhausting 
ourselves :)

Until missing code is released the alternative
is to temporary disable using it to unblock and use current git tree
or branch from latest stable state
but I feel this is really unproductive and would be nice to avoid.

Tell me if I am wrong but this is looks like a workflow pitfall,
since last year some packages were unsync on tizen-2.2
I guess this is the same with ongoing developments...

Maybe it would help to list all those unsync availability troubles..
but It at this time I would encourage to use bugtracker
and make sure requests will reach the right person (active maintainer?)
or can you suggest someone else ?

Hope this help to improve our cooperation model ...


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