[Dev] Tizen WiNet (WiFi & Network) Framework Prototype Version is Released!

Zhang, Zhengguang zhengguang.zhang at intel.com
Thu Jul 3 02:22:57 GMT 2014

Hi, All

We tested the WiNet framework prototype version on our Mobile platform, and below are some memory consumption data comparing with the current Tizen solution:


Current Tizen Solution

WiNet Framework Solution

Improved Percent

WiFi Enabled

net-config: ~840K

winet-service: ~520K

(840-520)/840 = 38%

WiFi Connected

net-config: ~850K

winet-service: ~530K

(850-530)/850 = 38%

WiFi Tethering Enabled

net-config: ~840K
mobileap-agent: ~1230K

winet-service: ~520K

(840+1230-520)/(840+1230) = 75%

>From the prototype data, we can see WiNet framework solution can save much more memory than current tizen solution from middle layer.
We will continue to optimize and implement it, and any suggestions during your review process, don't hesitate to let me know please.

Zhang Zhengguang

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Subject: Tizen WiNet (WiFi & Network) Framework Prototype Version is Released!

Hi, All

Tizen WiNet(WiFi & Network) Framework prototype version is released, now it can support the basic functionality of Tethering and WiFi Station features, we will continue to optimize and implement it. When it can support the total feature of Tethering and WiFi station stably, we will release 0.1 version formally, also we plan to combine WiFi P2P and hotspot 2.0 features in the framework in future.

Attachment is a simple slide to introduce what WiNet framework is and what it aims to do, you can refer to it for details.

WiNet framework includes 3 layers: ConnMan Lib, WiNet Service Daemon and CAPI layer, and the source code have been submitted to tizen.org, you can get them from the locations below:
1). ConnMan-lib
         Platform/core/connectivity/connman-lib         (tizen_devel branch)
2). WiNet Service Daemon
         Platform/core/connectivity/winet-service      (tizen_devel branch)
3). CAPI layer
         In the first phrase, we keep all the related CAPI packages and interfaces unchanged, so you can get it from the old packages:
         Platform/core/api/wifi                                          (tizen_devel branch, for WIFI station CAPI support)
         Platform/core/capi/tethering                    (tizen_devel branch, for tethering CAPI support)

There is a test program for every layer of the framework, so you can test every layer by installing the related test program in your device.
Also you can review the source code and give your proposal freely, any suggestions, feel free to let me know, thanks!

Zhang Zhengguang
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