[Dev] Tizen Packaging error (elementary and libdrm maintainer attention please!)

RAJENDRA NAIK VADTHE vadthe.naik at samsung.com
Fri Mar 7 06:17:41 GMT 2014


I could see many code reviews which needs tobe in merged state are in review pending state because the owner/code submitter  of the  bug does not know the maintainer of the module.
I am aware of two methods how to check the maintainer in Gerrit.
Method 1
Let us take the example for Messaging module
Step 1:
In Gerrit, Click on Projects---->List--------->Messaging-------->Access
Now click on scm/acls/domain_messaging
Click on Messaging-Maintainers
At this point, you will get a list of maintainers.

Method 2

But, for few modules the maintainers are not updated properly when they are  changed/moved to another module in Method2.
It would be better if the maintainer details are updated for every module in Method 2 directly(atleast one active maintainer for a module).

I hope it helps you in finding the maintainer for a module.

Thanks & Regards,

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I can help fixing this I am granted to work on those packages since I
belong to some group

Note, I am not the official maintainer , but If it's urgent I can enfore
those fixes
else we could just stick the policy : "act if not negative feedback after a
48h delay" ?

the fixes are trivial to be fixed  I replied on the mentioned bugs :



Btw, what do you think about making a wiki page
that list active maintainers per package
(only for the pending changes in gerrit) ?


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