[Dev] Jira worflow enhancement for PTREL project possible ?

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>It was <2014-03-06 czw 11:52>, when Marc Hiebel wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> For PTREL project, worflow is minimal and does not include "In progress"
>> and "Released" status.
>> In my opinion, it would be useful to add these status, to show:
>> - for "in progress", that assignee has begun to actively work on the issue,
>> - for "released", that request has been accepted by RE (release engineer)
>> for build (in OBS).
>> These two status exist in most of other projects (TIVI, TINF, ...).
>> I didn't see anything on that subject on dev list archive.
>Sounds reasonable.
The workflow is defined and aligned several months ago with architects and PMs. The basic logic is to simplify the workflow for bug tracking. 
There are other alternative way to show the assignee is working on this issue, e.g. use label. 
For "released" status, it need lots of RE's efforts to mark bugs from resolved to released, especially when there is no bug ID information in committed patch. We have awful experience in previous projects. :(  The alternative and lightweight solution might be: only when patches are merged by RE with tag "accepted/xxxx", the bug can be marked as resolved by developer and the commit ID should be provided in comments for easy search. 

>To make it really work JIRA should be configured to automatically
>reassign bugs upon some transitions between states.
>> Note : description of bug life cycle is not always easy to find, it's here:
>> https://source.tizen.org/bug-life-cycle
>> Would it be possible to add these two states to PTREL workflow ?
>I would like (is JIRA capable of doing this) to have tooltips describing
>states and transistions, popping up from all JIRA workflow graphs
>displayed in JIRA. There are so many workflows (and they will probably
>change from time to time in near future) that the information should be
>closely attached to them.
Thanks for pointing this out, https://source.tizen.org/bug-life-cycle should be updated according to the workflow we are using. To check the workflow in JIRA, pls. click on "view workflow" beside status field.
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