[Dev] Jira worflow enhancement for PTREL project possible ?

Łukasz Stelmach l.stelmach at samsung.com
Fri Mar 14 08:58:34 GMT 2014

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>> I would like (is JIRA capable of doing this) to have tooltips
>> describing states and transistions, popping up from all JIRA workflow
>> graphs displayed in JIRA. There are so many workflows (and they will
>> probably change from time to time in near future) that the
>> information should be closely attached to them.
> Thanks for pointing this out, https://source.tizen.org/bug-life-cycle
> should be updated according to the workflow we are using. To check the
> workflow in JIRA, pls. click on "view workflow" beside status field.

Yes, I know this place but the graphs JIRA displays lack descriptions of
states and transitions.

Łukasz Stelmach
Samsung R&D Institute Poland
Samsung Electronics
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