[Dev] Jira worflow enhancement for PTREL project possible ?

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>>>>>> I would like (is JIRA capable of doing this) to have tooltips
>>>>>> describing states and transistions, popping up from all JIRA
>>>>>> workflow graphs displayed in JIRA. There are so many workflows
>>>>>> (and they will probably change from time to time in near future)
>>>>>> that the information should be closely attached to them.
>>>>> Thanks for pointing this out,
>>>>> https://source.tizen.org/bug-life-cycle should be updated
>>>>> according to the workflow we are using. To check the workflow in
>>>>> JIRA, pls. click on "view workflow" beside status field.
>>>> Yes, I know this place but the graphs JIRA displays lack
>>>> descriptions of states and transitions.
>>> I think the meanings of states and transitions can be easy to 
>>> understand by their names.
>> I've worked a lot with different opensource projects and their
>> bugzillas and our "Released" state wasn't obvious for me at all.
> There's no "Release" state in the workflow.

In which workflow? I can see it in:


And what does Accepted mean? And how does moving from "Released" to
"Reopened" differ from moving directly to "Accepted" as arrows suggest?

>> Let's take a look at https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/PTREL-156
>> Indeed transitions have their names too. But why is there transition
>> From Assigned to New and the transitions is labeled "New"?
> Here's a principle for the names of states and transitions. The states
> use adjective or past tense, and the transitions often use verb. For
> instance, if there's state named "Assigned", the transition often use
> the verb "Assign". Here the transition "New" just like a verb. Any
> better word suggestion for this transition name "New"?

OK let's take our PTREL-156. I get the convention you've described
above, and still there must be something wrong with me because I
completely do not understand why when a bug that became "Assigned",
hence is not "New" anymore, becomes "New" again? OK, the bug might be
moved from "Assigned" state to a state that looks exactly like "New" and
introducing a new state just because we do not want to move back to
"New" is pointless. But definitely the transition from "Assigned" to
"New" should not be named "New" because the bug is not getting any newer
than it was in "Assigned" state. There is no "second freshness"[*]. I
would call the transition "Unassign" (if moving from "Assigned" to "New"
actually means removing asignee). However, I don't think such transition
should be possible. Once a bug is assigned the only way for an assignee
to get rid of it is to find a person who would take the responsibility.

[*] http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Mikhail_Bulgakov
Łukasz Stelmach
Samsung R&D Institute Poland
Samsung Electronics
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