[Dev] How to share files with Cynara

Schaufler, Casey casey.schaufler at intel.com
Thu May 1 22:20:18 GMT 2014

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> On 22.4.2014 19:26, Schaufler, Casey wrote:
> > We have more than one sort of sharing to address:
> > 	1. Removable media
> > 	2. Shared by everyone always
> > 	3. Shared among all "privileged" applications
> > 	4. Shared among a specific set of applications
> + Files or data shared between all (concurrent or not) users Files or

How is this different from case 2?

> + data shared between group of users

Sorry, but I have never seen this as a requirement.

> So we need at leas one overall "Public" folder in the system. 

Which is a *direct* violation of the application isolation requirement.

> You could create
> a group called "Family" with gumd and assign family members to it and then
> share for example family vacation photos in that folder.

You could, but what requirement are you addressing?

> This is why I'm advocating "group home" folders, for example
> /home/groups/Family with root:Family 770 permissions.

This *is not* a general purpose Linux system. Unless there is a
requirement that we have a mechanism to do this there is no
reason to worry about it, and good reasons not to.

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