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Thanks for your comments, you got the point. :)

The direct access to BlueZ means it will not go through Bluetooth daemon anymore(as designed by old BT framework).

Another design philosophy is that all the apps should base on CAPI. So apps only need to care about BT CAPI, and we will try to refine the BT CAPI and make it stable in NTB, so  NTB does not leave the burden to apps, instead it share the burden.

So as to multi-user, I am open to it, we may need more discussion on it. Since in general, NTB needs to be compatible with old Bluetooth Framework. And that framework never design for multi-user, just as I mentioned in other thread, but that should not a specific issue for NTB. :)

We can continue to discuss on the Muti-user support integrate with NTB.


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I had a review of your proposition and while it goes toward the right direction, I see a potential issue and I'd like a clarification.

Requesting the App to manage the direct access to BlueZ is not a good idea at all.

While t simplifies the upgrade of the FW from one version of BlueZ API to the next, it put the burden on the Apps themselves, what is far more complex to control as each App needs to be individually updated.
Furthermore, it will likely not work well in a multi user environment as resource locking per user is not the standard operation mode of BlueZ.

I have no issue with your graphic as all calls from Apps are directed via a "new" CAPI where we can add the multiuser ressource and security checks but your text is in conflict with your graph when it says "Apps should access BlueZ directly in most situations".

Can you clarify if all calls to the BT service are done via the new CAPI and that in no case an App are expected to talk directly to BlueZ.


Le 01/05/2014 23:25, Xu, Martin a écrit :
We have created the wiki page for NTB.



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