[Dev] How to share files with Cynara

Jussi Laako jussi.laako at linux.intel.com
Tue May 6 07:24:27 GMT 2014

On 5.5.2014 18:49, Schaufler, Casey wrote:
>> I don't know if it is written down somewhere, but it is very common type of
>> sharing case.
> On a general purpose, multiuser computer of course it is.

On a tablet, TV or car too.

>> If you can for example download PDF and open it in a PDF reader application
>> you already violate the application isolation. This is no different. When I
>> download a PDF document on Android, it asks me if I want to open it in
>> Acrobat Reader or some other reader capable of handling PDFs.
> Tizen isn't Android. If Android set the battery on fire every first if June,
> would you want Tizen to do it, too?

OK, how I'm supposed to open any documents I downloaded from the web? 
How can one implement an application like younited 
http://www.younited.com that syncs selected user content like photos 
taken with Camera application or contacts stored with Contacts 
application to cloud?

On my Lumia phone I have three different camera applications and I can 
attach photos taken with all those applications to my Facebook post. How 
I'm supposed to do that in Tizen if any cross-application sharing is 

>> It is very common use case that you would like to share a photo or similar file
>> with other users of the system. Having to upload it to cloud service like
>> OneDrive or DropBox to allow sharing it is just additional annoyance for the
>> end user. And from "application isolation"
>> point of view there's no difference. It's the same file, regardless if you load it
>> from local storage or from a web URL.
> OK, but that says nothing about "groups of users".

Yes it does. I have "groups of users" defined in the Microsoft cloud. I 
can specifically define group of people to whom I share a photo for example.

I can do the same with younited, and although I'm not a DropBox user, I 
believe it is possible too.

> OK, let's look at other multiuser mobile devices. They are implementing
> BYOD, and explicitly prohibit sharing. Let's consider the airplane seatback,
> where you want to have multi-user games, but the "user" is ethereal.
> The car? OK, who's going to administer groups?

We don't have airplane seatback profile. But for a tablet, TV or car I 
can imagine that I would like to have the family photos visible to all 
family members instead of having N copies of the same photos under each 
user account.

In car, driver can administer settings, depending on who's key he is 
using (if it's restricted or full access car key). Just like I can 
already administer all kinds of other settings.

As an example in Ford parents can set a speed limit and maximum stereo's 
volume to teenager's account (key).

> Right. Usability is a good thing. Unfortunately, what makes it easy to
> share photos makes it easy to share viruses.

Sure, but as long as you cannot have +x for the files you share you 
shouldn't have a problem.

If you HTTP GET anything from Web, you are much more likely to hit 
viruses than sharing anything between users in/of the same car.

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