[Dev] GBS build fail at opensuse 12

kiwook.hong kiwook.hong at samsung.com
Tue May 13 05:43:17 GMT 2014


I faced build fail on OpenSuse 12.3

When do "gbs build", after installing packages, it failed with these


[  338s] removing nis flags from

[  338s] now finalizing build dir...

[  340s] -----------------------------------------------------------------

[  340s] ----- building dummy.spec (user abuild)

[  340s] -----------------------------------------------------------------

[  340s] -----------------------------------------------------------------

[  340s] + exec rpmbuild --define '_srcdefattr (-,root,root)' --nosignature
--target=armv7l-tizen-linux --define '_build_create_debug 1' -ba

[  340s] error: Bad owner/group:

[  340s] Building target platforms: armv7l-tizen-linux

[  340s] Building for target armv7l-tizen-linux

warning: build failed, Leaving the logs in

info: *** Build Status Summary ***

=== the following packages failed to build due to rpmbuild issue (1) ===


=== Total succeeded built packages: (0) ===

info: generated html format report:


info: generated RPM packages can be found from local repo:


info: generated source RPM packages can be found from local repo:


info: build logs can be found in:


info: build roots located in:


error: <gbs>some packages failed to be built


There was no problem on Ubuntu.

Gbs is the latest 0.21

Would you help me to build on opensuse?




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