[Dev] should "pkgcmd" work in Tizen 3.0?

Wu, DaweiX daweix.wu at intel.com
Wed May 14 02:44:52 GMT 2014

I know it works in our M14.1 release,  it doesn't work now since there is no wrt-installer in our image. Pkgcmd use wrt-installer to install wgt.


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Subject: should "pkgcmd" work in Tizen 3.0?

Recently a new bug report was created: https://bugs.tizen.org/jira/browse/TIVI-3182 "Failed to install app with pkgcmd"

Here is what is seen on the screen:
# root:~> pkgcmd -q -i -t wgt -p /opt/usr/apps/.preinstallWidgets/GhostCluster.wgt
# path is /opt/usr/apps/.preinstallWidgets/GhostCluster.wgt
# processing result : FATAL_ERROR [61] failed
# spend time for pkgcmd is [32]ms

Should this work in Tizen?


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