[Dev] Common/Generic profile images usability

Roman Kubiak r.kubiak at samsung.com
Wed May 14 14:06:46 GMT 2014

Just to update the Xorg image won't work either, there is only one 
driver included in the image for Xorg and that's the intel_drv.so (bit 
selfish i think) no fbdev or vmware drivers are present so Xorg will 
never start.
Also i can't any service in systemctl that could be some sort of a 
windows manager.

best regards
Roman Kubiak

On 05/14/2014 03:59 PM, Dominig ar Foll (Intel OTC) wrote:
> Le 14/05/2014 15:38, Roman Kubiak a écrit :
>> I got the images running before (the IVI profile) on VMware, so 
>> VMware itself is not an issue.
>> My question was really, SHOULD I see something in the image, is there 
>> a UI in the common profile at all or is this a bare bones sort of OS 
>> image that contains no UI experience at all.
> When booting Tizen Common you should have a test UX (basic Weston) 
> with several user pre-logged on the system.
> The background show the sea and several islands.
>> My question about Xorg is still not answered, what is the UI for Xorg 
>> i should expec t to find in the common image (is there some sort of 
>> default WM that should launch?)
> We currently do not build a Tizen Common for X but only Wayland 32 and 
> 64 nits for IA and 32 bits for ARM (work in progress)
> If someone is interested to take the responsibility of building and 
> maintain X Common images, thanks to speak up.
> Regards
> Dominig
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  Roman Kubiak

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