[Dev] Understanding Cynara scope.

José Bollo jose.bollo at open.eurogiciel.org
Thu May 15 11:51:45 GMT 2014

On gio, 2014-05-15 at 13:48 +0300, Kis, Zoltan wrote:

> Crosswalk is using separate processes (not threads) for app/renderer,
> extension process and browser process. Security involves the extension
> process for checks (unless it's done on lower layers), and the browser
> process to present user dialog on permissions.

Zoltan, from my understanding, the user dialog is a separate mechanism
that is provided by components of Cynara. This is needed I think for
letting privilege managed at a single place with a single visual in a
trusted way.

So I don't imagine crosswalk being displaying the dialog.

Do you agree?

What is proposal of cynara developers?

Best regards

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